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sample career development goals examples for performance review

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"They..." said Lyra helplessly, then stopped: it wasn't fair to point out that the other three didn't have to give anything up.

What was he doing?

He raised the rifle to his shoulder again and saw them react, shifting backward clumsily, crowding together. They understood.

And it was about then that Lyra felt the first distant lurch of nausea, pain, and fear that was the unmistakable touch of the Specters.

"Don't know," said Lyra. "But they're out there somewhere. As soon as we came through from the battle, they ran away as if they didn't trust us anymore. Can't say I blame them, either. But we know they're in this world, and we thought we saw them a couple of times, so maybe we can find them."

A voice, a woman's voice, but somehow minute, came from the thing in the monkey's paw:

"But it's hard to move if I can't hold on to things. I'm stiff, I've been sitting here for the best part of a day without moving, and you know I haven't got any weapons, because you searched me. Go and ask the President if it's really necessary to manacle me. Am I going to try and run away in this wilderness?"

"The bears, they are attacking, and we try to fight them, but it is difficult, we have only one gun, and...”


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