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Frere, coming to the pier, saw Dawes strip himself, and piling his clothes upon the stuffed goat-skin, stretch himself upon the reed bundles, and, paddling with his hands, push off from the shore. The clothes floated high and dry, but the reeds, depressed by the weight of the body, sank so that the head of the convict alone appeared above water. In this fashion he gained the middle of the current, and the out-going tide swept him down towards the mouth of the harbour.

Good Mr. Dawes”! What a frightful reproach there was to him in that simple sentence! What a world of cowardice, baseness, and cruelty, had not those eleven letters opened to him! He heard the voice of the child who had nursed him, calling on him to save her. He saw her at that instant standing between him and the boat, as she had stood when she held out to him the loaf, on the night of his return to the settlement.

Frere, overawed by the strange light which gleamed in the eyes of his companion, shifted sulkily back to his place. Have your own way,” he said, madman! It serves me right for putting off to sea in such a devil’s craft as this!”

There must be some way to get at this man’s heart, bad as he seems to be.

You’re not such a pebble as folks seemed to think,” grinned Frere, pointing to the turning wheel.

There was something so pitiable about this silent grief that, as they led him away, the little group instinctively averted their faces, lest they should seem to triumph over him.

There, that’s quite close enough. You’re only a common soldier, Miles, and you mustn’t make love to me.”

My dear Sylvia,” began Vickers, here’s an extraordinary thing!” and then, becoming conscious of the presence of the agitated Meekin, he paused.


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